Havasu Container

Dear pilots,

As already reported in social media , we will offer you a container for 2016 at the 35th edition of the World Finals in Lake Havasu City . More information about this world like dates, categories, etc. you can find on the site www.ijsba.com

We have put a lot of effort in organizing this, especially all the paperwork that comes along in organizing this is time consuming. We want to inform you that if we are not able to ship a full container we will call of the container. Of course ahead of time so you can find an alternative manner to ship you ski and equipment. The rate that we offer is a very good deal because of our non-profit organization.


Reservations can be made until August 10th. Please keep in mind that places are limited and only apply to pilots who completed all Belgian Championship rounds or who participated at our European Championship in Poland.


1000 euro (total price – no extra’s) 1500 euro (total price – no extra’s)
–          Measurements boxes: 80 x 80 x 250 cm

–          1 fuel can

–          1 beach tote or skidock

–          Wetsuit + helmet

–          Please prepare your box with all your belongs before arriving at JSU Kerksken.

–          We only allow metal original Yamaha boxes

–          2 fuel cans

–          1 beach tote or ski dock

–          Wetsuit + helmet

–          Please prepare your box with all your belongs before arriving at JSU Kerksken.

–          We do not allow trailers in our container, trailers can be rent there for the price of 100 dollars a week.

Before august 20 we need a detailed list with all your belongings stored in your box. We need VIN number of your ski, and quantities and descriptions of other equipment that are in the box.
Our containter will be shipped in Belgium on August 30, this date will ensure us that our ski’s arrive in time. Our bjbf team will unload the container at Havasu Powersports. We will inform you when your ski is ready for pick-up.
After world finals, October 9, you can box your ski and belongings on October 10, and bring your box to Havasu Powersports where we will reload the container. We assume this container will arrive in Belgium in the middle of November.


For more information, please contact us, info@ijsba.eu

BJBF Team.

Word from our Race Director Bart Segers.

Hello to my jet-ski family all over the world, first i want to apologize that i was not on the podium with a farewell speech in Nysa, i was to exhausted and mentally tired, sorry for that,

But by this way, i want to thank first of all, all the riders that came from over the world to race on the Eurofinals in Nysa and i hope they had a safe trip back home, i was happy with the number of competitors that showed up, this means that our family still sticks together and that it is still growing.

I also have to thank the whole organisation that worked before and beyond the scenes all the time,
( I was only in it for the last week before the event, but was very pleased that could be one of your race directors ),
i don’t know all their names buth i’ll start by Janusz Jetski-Nysa, Agnieszka Siergiej, Peter De Smet, Deborah Holtzer, Bart Van den Bulcke, Robby Jet, Tomasz Benek Biernaczyk, Nicole Riegler, Sabine De Vulder, Emma, Phil Segers, Célia Fontaine, Annick Bellings, Greet De Paepe,Dawn Dawson, Rob Perrie, Peter Andersson, the whole rescue team from Jens Kammann, the Jetskinword team, Misses Janusz, and also the team from Janusz, with Stephan and friends who helped us putting out the track on monday and tuesday, the security who did a splindid job, and a special thanks to the waterpolice and beach rescue for their support during the weekend. I can guarantee you that not so many people realise the sacrifices that have to be made to make such an event, a good, safe and big thing as it was.

It was an event that was without any big accidents or injuries, where i’m very glad for, because if the riders are not so sportive as they’ve been it could have been worse, so thanks to all riders for the sportsmanship and good behaviour on and off the water.
As always some things can be better and i promise you all, that in the future we’ll do our best to make it better and bigger.

At last, i want to ask to all the organisers from all over the world, to get more together instead of going into competition with each other, by fighting to each other. Our sport will go down and will never be a big sport as we deserve to be.

So i wish you all a good and safe rest of the season and hope to see you all in Nordic Championship in Sweden in August, or in October in Havasu, Take care and see you soon, Bart

Results Jettribe European Championship 2016 – Friday

NYSA 2016 friday

Click link to see friday’s results

Shedule for Saturday:

 start at 8:30

picking places

at 08:00

MOTO 2 1) Ski juniors Stock 13-15
MOTO 3 2) Pro-AM ski Veterans GP
MOTO 3 3) Run Pro-AM stock
MOTO 3 4) Pro-AM ski stock
MOTO 3 5) Juniors Lites 13-15
MOTO 3 6) SD spark Rec Lites
MOTO 3 7) Pro-Am run veterans
MOTO 3 8) Ski juniors 10-12 y + ski ladies
freestyle www.pwcfreestyle.eu
MOTO 3 9) Runabout  Limited Pro-Am
MOTO 2 10) Pro ski GP
MOTO 3 11) Run Women / Run Classic + 4 storke N/A
MOTO 2 12) Ski Lites IJSBA Pro-AM
MOTO 3 13) Ski limited Pro-Am
MOTO 2 14) Pro run GP
Moto 2 ENDURANCE 1,5 hrs
freestyle show www.pwcfreestyle.eu

Late arrivals

European jettribe jetski championship!

For those pilots arriving late!

We will close “late arrival” inscriptions at 7:30 am on thursday. You need to be on time. We start inscriptions at 7:00 am.

For ski pro gp, run pro gp and endurance we will close “late arrival” inscriptions at 7:30 am on friday. Please be there in time. We start inscriptions at 7:00 am.


Our paddock opens July 12 at 10:00. We close our paddock on monday July 18.

Pilots who stay longer or arrive before July 12 will be directed to the campingground. You will pay a campingfee like all other guests.

Pilots are not allowed on the water! Only during official training moments. We only can provide insurrance during official training moments and racing.