Mar 25, 2022

Dear pilots,

To avoid any misunderstandings and confusion during the scoring, we will also check the clarity / legibility of your race number during the technical inspection from this season on.

What’s in the rulebook ?

The IJSBA rulebook lists the following conditions for the race number:

  • Each digit in your race number must be (at least) 18cm high.
  • The digits in your race number must be (at least) 13mm apart.
  • A standard font with no shadow or other decoration.

The IJSBA rulebook sets the following conditions for the background:

  • A background of (at least) 20cm high.
  • For race numbers
    • with 1 digit: (minimum) 15cm wide.
    • with 2 digits: (minimum) 23cm wide.
    • with 3 digits: (minimum) 30cm wide.

The IJSBA rulebook sets the following conditions for the color combination:

  • NOVICE categories: Black digits on a orange background.
  • EXPERT categories: Black digits on a yellow background.
  • PRO categories: Black digits on a white background.

In reality

We are aware that a lot of time is spent creating beautiful designs for your ski. Therefore, the regulations will not be strictly applied.

Just be aware that, you will pass at an incredible speed with several pilots at the same time and with a lot of splashing water. However, the scoring people only have a fraction of a second to indicate the correct race number on the scoring sheet. So a mistake is quickly made. That is why we ask you to take this into account when placing your number on the ski.

Your race number must be clearly legible on the hull on both sides in the appropriate positions (see below).

You must ensure that you put them where they are readable for the scoring people. Do not place them in the tray or on horizontal surfaces!

Try to avoid confusion and use standard fonts. A 7 is easily confused with a 1, and in some fonts, a 9 becomes 8, …

Use a contrasting background: preferably white with a black background or vice versa. No blue on a gray background for example, …

Possible options