Jettribe Eurofinals / World Series 2022 – Round 1

Dear riders, 
Dear fans,

We are proud to announce that the 1st round of the World Series will take place in POLAND at Lake JEZIORSKO in OSTROW WARCKI from 19th till 24th of July 2022.

For the second year in a row, this fabulous location in the WARTA region will host us. Hopefully this year, it will be a COVID-free situation with no travel restrictions for riders, their teams and their fans. 

At last year’s trilling championship, we’ve welcomed over 200 pilots and 5.000 spectators.  We are happy to return to WARTA and start the next chapter of the European Championship and World Series. We are completely ready to exceed those numbers this year. 

Several things will be improved and like we’ve announced before: IJSBA, Scott Frazier, Drake Parikhet and myself are still convinced that the World Series is the most important championship of the year where we can crown the champion in several classes.
We bring you the best tracks in the world on fabulous locations with the highest price money pay-out in history, the most media attention and last but not least: the best riders from over 50 different countries in the world, who will fight for the prestige trophy.

” What Else? “

Ostrów Warcki is a village in central Poland. It’s located approximately 14 km north of Warta, 25 km north of Sieradz, and 56 km west of the regional capital Łódź. The closest airport Airport ŁódźLublinek (LCJ), is 75 km away, Wrocław-Copernicus Airport (WRO) and Airport Warschau Frédéric Chopin (WAW) are about 200 km away. 

Our local partner, PrimaJet Łódź, will host us for the second year in a row in their beautiful city. We are convinced that they will give us a warm welcome and learn us a few more words in Polish.

The on-site accommodation (hotel & bungalows) offered by Superfala, has expanded, to ensure that we can welcome more guests. Other hotels and several Bed and Breakfasts are available in the nearby area as well.
Our location will also have a fully closed campground and paddock for all riders and teams, providing electricity and other facilities. We will have a vendor venue with shops and food trucks. 

The Polish currency is Zloty.

Hope to see you all in Poland.

Peter De Smet