How to participate ?


All pilots will need a valid IJSBA license to participate.
Pilots without a valid national race license, will not be allowed to participate in our competitions.

Please check the list of international IJSBA affiliates. If there is an IJSBA affiliate present in your country, you will need to buy an IJSBA license from the affiliate.

However if your country isn’t listed, you will be able to buy a license at the event.

All fees will need to be payed by cash at the event’s inscription booth. Opening hours will be published here on this website.


We will open pre registrations on the 14th of June 2024 at 10:00 (CET). From this date on, you will be able to register your race number(s) by using this registration form.

The age rules, as specified by the IJSBA rulebook, will be applied and therefor we will no longer accept inscriptions for junior pilots for any non-junior racing class.

Exceptions are only possible in the following 2 cases (other cases are not allowed):

  • In a ‘ski’ racing class for junior pilots with a minimum age of 14 years (on the date of the event), who would also like to compete in another PRO-AM ‘ski’ racing class.
  • In a ‘runabout 1100‘ racing class for junior pilots with a minimum age of 15 years (on the date of the event), who would like to compete in another ‘runabout 1100’ racing class.

To apply for an exception please send an e-mail to Our committee will fully review the piloting skills and previous results of the applying pilot and then decide whether to approve or reject the application for exception. If your application is accepted, you will receive an authorization letter.

Pilots who finished in a top-3 position in a ‘novice’ racing class in 2023, are not allowed to register for a ‘novice’ racing class again.

Pre-registration closes on the 19th of July 2024.

After this date, pilots can still register in advance till the 23th of July 2024. An extra fee of 50,00 € will be charged on top of the regular inscription fee.

Registration for the event at the registration desk is still possible, however we will charge an extra fee of 100,00 € for the 21 WGP#1 categories and 50,00 € for all other categories.

For a list of categories and the corresponding registration fee, please follow this link.

Pack your bags !

Are you also so excited as we are for our sensational event? However, don’t forget the details and be fully prepared!

Read following instructions about legibility of race numbers carefully, we will be checking the clarity of your race number at the technical inspection.

For more information about shipping and travelling to Poland, please consult the ‘venue’ page.

If you need an invitation letter to attend our event in Poland, please follow this link to request one.

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Thank you and hope to see you all soon!