Jettribe Eurofinals / World Series 2023 – Statement of our President

To whom it may concern,

The International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) is the world’s governing and
sanctioning body for the sport of Personal WaterCraft (PWC) racing.
Our sports league created the sport in the late 1970s and held the very first world
championship for PWC in 1982. Since our inception, IJSBA has more than 20.000
members worldwide and we have league offices in over 53 individual nations. Each year
more than 33 nations send pilots to compete in our championship.

PWC racing is more than just an international sport. PWC racing is the research and
development of a billion dollar watercraft industry. Technology created from our racing
has not only helped PWC’s to perform better, but has made them safer, easier to repair
and more environmentally friendly.

There are more than one thousand jobs that are created to service the sport, which
depends on a successful championship. Our annual championship brings together very
diverse cultures in the name of international sportsmanship and human camaraderie.
Since 2019 we are organizing the Triple Crown. This competition is the combination of
points scored in the 3 biggest events in the world: Eurofinals in Europe, World
Championship in the USA & the Worldcup in Thailand.

For the Eurofinals Europe, we are heading to Poland for the third year in a row.
We were guests in Warta for 2 years, but for this year’s event we opted for a new
location: Mechelinki in Gmina Kosakowo. The reason for this: a beautiful seaside
location with a super motivated local government that supports our sport and our
championship. This area is a very touristic holiday region with lots of history and lots of
accommodations in the very close area of the race site.

This year, the sea, the beach and the beautiful pier will form the backdrop for the most
exciting European PWC championship.

We recently visited the site with our team and what we saw, convinced us even more
that Mechelinki has the potential to become the host village of our best event to date.
Not only to have a great time on the water, but also to explore the nearby area. This will
boost the economy in a short matter of time.

Furthermore, this year we also have the scoop to be seen live on Eurosport for the first
time in the history of our sport (Sunday 21st of May 2023 from 2 pm to 4 pm).

We would like to thank the Gmina Kosakowo and in particular Mr. Mayor Marcin Majek
and the chairman of the board of directors from Kosakowo Sport Mr. Dariusz Schwarz
for the hospitality and the investments they made to receive us in the best possible way.

We are working on a long term cooperation with the government and the local partner
PrimaJet Łódź, as we believe we can highlight Poland and in particular the Gmina
Kosakowo on the worldwide map.

Respectfully yours,

Peter De Smet
President IJSBA Europe