Dear pilots,

A new racing season is waiting for us.

It speaks for itself that we didn’t sit still last winter. For example, we have launched a new website, the new calendar with 5 competitions is now also known, on technical and IT side we have improved our programs (Phone app, Electronic Scoring System, Electronic Results). The new team is motivated to guide you with great enthusiasm and as professionally as possible.

Our European Championship is well known and is always a strong and exciting competition with many top pilots from different countries. We provide a top track and also pay more and more attention to our drivers via social media etc.

Just to be sure that everything runs smoothly, we would like to ask for your cooperation in certain matters. For example, we expect that all numbers on the skis and runabouts are clearly legible on a white background and have at least the dimensions prescribed by the regulations. We have plenty of examples of how it is clearly visible, but also examples of how not to do it.

For the European Championship & the Triple Crown we work together with Eurosport 1. The problem of unclear numbers has already been discussed here. Therefore, starting this season, in collaboration with other organizations in other countries, we will work together to have clear numbers.

Unfortunately, this means that illegible and unclear color combinations will no longer be allowed.

For more information regarding the correct placement / legibility of the race numbers, please consult this article.

We hope that we can count on your support and cooperation.

Peter De Smet