Dear riders,

We would like to emphasize that we are in favour of the establishment of a riders association.
It goes without saying, that organizers can’t take the opinions of all riders into account. For
example, runabout riders have different wishes than ski riders. Ski riders on the other hand, have
different wishes than other riders of much slower categories who will race together on (parts of)
the same race track.

Race organizers must also take other (external) factors, such as safety, meteorological factors
and remarks from local authorities into account when building a race track. The wishes of the
media team, which must portray the race track in a reasonable manner, must also be respected.

The establishment of a riders association does imply that you, riders, must organize themselves
and appoint a (one) representative or spokesman. To be the voice with experience the
representative must be a pilot participating in all rounds of the World Series and be ranked in a top
20 position in any of the World Series’ categories.

We propose to invite this representative to a preparatory meeting of each of the rounds of the
2024 World Series. The representative will then be given the opportunity to discuss the track
proposal with the members of the riders association. Comments will need to be communicated to
the organizers before the race track is finalized. All within a reasonable amount of time prior to a
round of the World Series. From the 2025 season we are open to discuss about having 2
representatives (1 ski + 1 runabout pilot).

We believe that this is another step towards more professionalism in our sport. But you should not
be blind to the progress that has already been made in recent years.

Finally, we would also like to point out that the use of the WGP#1 logo is only allowed for official
communications from WGP#1. The use of the WGP#1 logo for all other purposes is misleading
because it makes it appear as if the communication is an official statement. The use of the
WGP#1, EURO Jetski and IJSBA logo’s must be requested and approved by the owners in