Dear all,

Over the last couple of years, we have created an electronic registration system.
This system is very user-friendly and makes it easier for us to prepare all class lists for all categories. This also allows a faster registration at the venue.
I see now that a lot of riders are entering multiple classes just for fun, but they will never enter this class at the Championship. However, at this moment, I don’t know whether this rider will enter this class or not. So this will cause a lot of delay at the registration table.

I will use 1 rider as an example to explain:
As Quinten is a pro rider, he can only choose PRO classes in the system.
But he also has the option to enter for example PRO RUNABOUT GRAND PRIX
If he registers for both online, but will only participate in 1, this will give us a lot of work to take him out of the registration list and class, and this will result in a long waiting line at the registration table.

For this reason, we need to take some action.

Riders who have entered several classes, in which they will not race at the World Series Round 1 and Eurofinals in Poland, will have to pay 20€ per class they entered in, but will not race in.
We have to charge this administration fee for the work that needs to be done.
I hope you all understand.

To avoid misunderstandings, QUINTEN BOSSCHE his name was used as an example. He has not registered for PRO Run GP.

Extra important remark! Choose your race number very carefully. As from this year, we will NOT allow any modifications to race numbers anymore after registration! It’s your responsibility to provide enough decals (of the correct size and colours) to fit spare or rented ski’s or runabouts.
If the race number on your ski or runabout is not on the race director’s starting list, we will not be able to score you. This automatically results in a ‘DNR’ for the MOTO in question.