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Hi pilots,

Please fill in following pre-registration form so we know you’ll be attending our race! One racenumber per category so be quick to make sure you have yours!


Kawasaki produced more than 1000 new SX-R units and is finalizing the homologation procedure. This new watercraft is stock class legal as described in our 2017 ijsba rulebook. For our Limited class at the European Championship we can announce that this watercraft will be eligible in stock class version only. For open and GP classes only OEM stock hulls are allowed. These rules apply to all IJSBA races around the world.

En francais:

Kawasaki a produit plus de 1000 nouvelles unités SX-R et est en train de finaliser la procédure d’homologation. Ce nouveau jet est stock catégorie légal tel que décrit dans notre livre de règles de 2017 IJSBA. Pour notre classe limitée au Championnat d’Europe, nous pouvons annoncer que ce jet sera seulement disponible dans la version de stock class. Pour les classes ouvertes et GP seulement stocks OEM coques sont autorisés. Ces règles sont applicables à toutes les races IJSBA à travers le monde.

Havasu Container

Dear pilots,

As already reported in social media , we will offer you a container for 2016 at the 35th edition of the World Finals in Lake Havasu City . More information about this world like dates, categories, etc. you can find on the site

We have put a lot of effort in organizing this, especially all the paperwork that comes along in organizing this is time consuming. We want to inform you that if we are not able to ship a full container we will call of the container. Of course ahead of time so you can find an alternative manner to ship you ski and equipment. The rate that we offer is a very good deal because of our non-profit organization.


Reservations can be made until August 10th. Please keep in mind that places are limited and only apply to pilots who completed all Belgian Championship rounds or who participated at our European Championship in Poland.


1000 euro (total price – no extra’s) 1500 euro (total price – no extra’s)
–          Measurements boxes: 80 x 80 x 250 cm

–          1 fuel can

–          1 beach tote or skidock

–          Wetsuit + helmet

–          Please prepare your box with all your belongs before arriving at JSU Kerksken.

–          We only allow metal original Yamaha boxes

–          2 fuel cans

–          1 beach tote or ski dock

–          Wetsuit + helmet

–          Please prepare your box with all your belongs before arriving at JSU Kerksken.

–          We do not allow trailers in our container, trailers can be rent there for the price of 100 dollars a week.

Before august 20 we need a detailed list with all your belongings stored in your box. We need VIN number of your ski, and quantities and descriptions of other equipment that are in the box.
Our containter will be shipped in Belgium on August 30, this date will ensure us that our ski’s arrive in time. Our bjbf team will unload the container at Havasu Powersports. We will inform you when your ski is ready for pick-up.
After world finals, October 9, you can box your ski and belongings on October 10, and bring your box to Havasu Powersports where we will reload the container. We assume this container will arrive in Belgium in the middle of November.


For more information, please contact us,

BJBF Team.